Empower Your Projects with Lightning Network Boostagrams

Welcome to The Split Kit, the innovative app that harnesses the power of the Lightning Network to boost your project and reward your team in the process. With The Split Kit, you can create a unique and engaging promotions page for your podcast, album, or event, while also enabling fans and supporters to send Boostagrams – a combination of messages and Lightning Network payments – to show their appreciation.

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How does The Split Kit work?

  1. Build Value Blocks: The Split Kit allows you to create value blocks consisting of various Lightning Addresses. These addresses represent the key contributors and collaborators who bring value to your project, such as artists, developers, or marketers.
  2. Design Your Promotions Page: Customize your promotions page by uploading an eye-catching image,a link, and the value block you've created. This page will showcase the key elements of your promotion, enticing visitors to learn more and support your cause.
  3. Generate QR Codes and Links: Once your promotions page is ready, The Split Kit will generate a QR code and a link that can be easily shared on your website, social media, or any promotional materials.
  4. Boostagram Integration: When a supporter scans the QR code or clicks the link, they will be directed to your promotions page, where they can send a Boostagram. A Boostagram is a combination of a personal message and a payment made via the Lightning Network.
  5. Reward Your Team: The payment attached to each Boostagram is automatically split among the Lightning Addresses in the value block, based on the predetermined split amount. This ensures that everyone who has contributed to the project receives their fair share of the support. To help maintain The Split Kit, a 5% split is added to each transaction.